Expand your crypto city and earn passive bitcoin hourly income!

Easy to earn free my bitcoin city game is available to get some every hour. Without any investment you will get up to 1200 satoshi. Signup and get your first building for free. All you need to claim every 8 hours from the building. Join and start making you own city and earn bitcoin.

Join My Bitcoin City Now & Expand

Football Stadium

You can buy a football stadium with the cost of 0.25 BTC. Hourly income from the stadium is 0.07% of its price. Also there is a hourly bonus will be added for this football stadium into your faucet. +0.00001750 BTC. Total estimated daily income from this stadium is 0.00420000 BTC. You can own football stadium of your own and earn passive bitcoin income from it.


Tennis Stadium

Yet another stadium building for purchase at the price of 0.15 BTC. This building hourly income to the inventory is 0.00009750 BTC. 



Ever want to own a bank but can't have enough money to purchase. Well my bitcoin city will give you a free bank after your registered to the system. Its worth of 0.001 bitcoin, which you will get it completely free. You will own the bank for lifetime as long as the site is live. Every hour from the bank building you will earn 0.00000050 BTC. In total every day you can get up to 0.00001200 BTC, by claiming from their faucet every 8 hours.