Best faucetpay faucet lists without URL shortener 2020

Finding Faucet lists without URL shorteners is hard these days. Most of the popular high paying faucets are using URL shortener to monetize their faucet. But Here is my personal favorite faucet lists on 2020, that are still paying high rewards without any URL shorteners.

Best faucetpay faucet lists without URL shortener 2020

Faucet NameTimerCoinRewardsVisit
FreeBits30 MinMulticoin$0.002Visit
HitBits15 MinMulticoin5-15 TokensVisit
Fautsy5 MinBitcoin5-100 satoshiVisit
Starbits6 MinBitcoin6 satoshiVisit
Claimbits6 MinBitcoin6-100 satoshiVisit
Gobits6 MinBitcoin6-100 satoshiVisit
i-bits5 MinBitcoin6 satoshiVisit

Best popunder ads network

Monetization through popup or popunder is the best way to earn money from websites or blog. This seems annoying to the users if you are using a lot of popunder in one page. Banner ads don't have much conversion rate, so advertisers are using different method such as popunder to get direct visit.

My suggestion is to only use one or maximum two popup on every single page. Don't put multiple popunder in every page. Your user will distract from it. I have wrote an article about a year ago with some of the good popup advertiser provider here. Top 10 pop under / popup advertising network you can checkout those too. But here I am reviewing some new monetization provider with the very good CPM rates.

#1 Groupian

Its just a popuder ads network both for publishers and advertisers. The CPM rate is for the publisher is $0.40 fixed. For the advertiser it is $1.0. I have something to let you know that the conversion rate is not 100% for this network. Because user can close the new tab or window before the ads redirect to the advertised sites. So thats case the view won't counted. But so far its a good network I have found these days. So you might try it out if you want to monetize your blog with popup.

Click Here To Join

For Advertiser Overview of Groupian

  1. CPM for advertiser $1.00
  2. Minimum deposit limit is $5.00
  3. Welcome bonus $1.00 for advertiser
  4. Deposit payment mode: PayPal,

For Publisher Overview of Groupian

  1. CPM rate for publisher is $0.40
  2. Minimum withdrawal limit $2.00
  3. Withdrawal options: PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Payeer, PerfectMoney

Earn money by playing game golden farm

Lots of gamers wasting time playing games. They worth nothing just for playing those games, it's just entertainment for them. But would you consider playing simple game actually not doing so much but in return you will get real money for playing game online. Stay with me I will show you how.

Play Golden Farm Now!

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How to play golden farm bitcoin mining game?

Playing golden farm game is simple and easy, you actually have nothing to do, but just doing some click on your browser. It's a web based game you don't need to install anything into your computer or mobile. All you need is just a browser then start playing this game and earn money.

Buy birds with your free silver coins, they will lay eggs for you. At the shop you can buy different birds. Each bird lays special eggs, which can be sold at the market and exchanged for silver coins that are required for the real money withdrawal. Every type of birds has different productivity - the more expensive the bird is, the more eggs it lays. You can buy unlimited amount of birds. Your birds don't die and will always produce eggs!



Earn money by playing game golden farmEggs will be stored automatically in the warehouse, you can collect them anytime. Your precious eggs will not got rotten. It will stay in your warehouse forever until you collect them from the website. From your nests eggs are sent to the warehouse. Collect them and sell. You can do it once in 1 minute. Eggs are always stored in a safe place so you can collect them every minute or even once a month.


money in eggs nestSell eggs and you will get silver coins. Here you can sell eggs and get silver coins which you can swap for real money. Sale rate of eggs: 100 eggs = 1 silver coin.


Invite friends, exchange resources for real money and buy more birds to get more income!

Start Playing and earn money!


Sign Up right now and get a free «Green» bird and 300 silver coins as a welcome gift. Why are you waiting for?

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