faucethub.io is closing whats the alternative now?

As we all know faucethub.io is closing due to legal issues. Here is the concern for all what to do next if this big micro-wallet is gone. In this post I will share that you should take consider for the alternative in this situation. As faucethub will close on 10th December to its all of the major services. Keep this post to bookmark I will share my thoughts about this.

Expand your crypto city and earn passive bitcoin hourly income!

Easy to earn free my bitcoin city game is available to get some every hour. Without any investment you will get up to 1200 satoshi. Signup and get your first building for free. All you need to claim every 8 hours from the building. Join and start making you own city and earn bitcoin.

Join My Bitcoin City Now & Expand

Football Stadium

You can buy a football stadium with the cost of 0.25 BTC. Hourly income from the stadium is 0.07% of its price. Also there is a hourly bonus will be added for this football stadium into your faucet. +0.00001750 BTC. Total estimated daily income from this stadium is 0.00420000 BTC. You can own football stadium of your own and earn passive bitcoin income from it.


Tennis Stadium

Yet another stadium building for purchase at the price of 0.15 BTC. This building hourly income to the inventory is 0.00009750 BTC. 



Ever want to own a bank but can't have enough money to purchase. Well my bitcoin city will give you a free bank after your registered to the system. Its worth of 0.001 bitcoin, which you will get it completely free. You will own the bank for lifetime as long as the site is live. Every hour from the bank building you will earn 0.00000050 BTC. In total every day you can get up to 0.00001200 BTC, by claiming from their faucet every 8 hours.


Coinlinks - Private Shortener API Scripts

Do you want to host your own shortener API provider? Protect your private links or hidden links from the others with CoinLinks private shortener. Most popular way to shorten your link at the moment. Be your own shortener provider with the cheapest rates. Full dashboard with detail analytics to track your links and user flow. Protect your link with CoinLinks by coinlyhub.com now.

Why Coinlinks?

You can monetize websites with URL shortener, there is plenty of URL shortener available. Some of them are paying and some are pure scam. So if you don't want to get scammed or personally explore the system you can create your own private shortener API with coinlinks.


You can see the shortener demo in the bottom demo link. Its a 3 page viewer short link API script. First page you can skip it to the next verification page. In the verify page solve the captcha and final page you will get your link. In this demo I have use faucethub.io link. So if you complete all the step then you will get the faucethub.io link.


List of features

  • Responsive Design
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Private Links
  • Detail Analytics
  • Admin Dashboard Panel
  • Complete Settings Panel
  • Easy to customize
  • Multiple Captcha Service
  • Proxy detection tools

Captcha Service & Bot Protection

You can easily use and pick any 4 captcha service for the verification page. We have supported google recaptcha v2 checkbox, Solvemedia, raincapctha and hcaptcha for now. If you want to add custom captcha I can help you with some extra payment.


Proxy Detection & IP Caching

IPHUB proxy API checker is implemented to detect proxy connection. Also nasty host enabled. You can easily enable or disable this feature in the admin settings panel.

Geo Location Tracker

In the admin dashboard you can see the users location where the user comes from.


Purchase Details & License Policy

If you want to buy a single installation license then the price is $30. It means you can install this scripts into your one domain or subdomain. But if you want to setup more in subfolder or subdomain in that same domain name then you will get another additional license for that. Additional license for per installation in that domain is $10. 

But if you want to set up it another new domain then you can not use the scripts. You will have to buy another $30 license for that and if you want to setup multiple there too then same like additional license policy will applied. Like you can buy additional license for about $10.


Let me explain this. Like in this domain coinlyhub.com  you can use 1 installation buy purchasing $30 license. Then if you want to setup shortlink.coinlyhub.com or coinlyhub.com/shortlinks then you can pay additional $10 for that for per installation.

But if you want to setup it on new domain like coinville.org then you have to buy another full domain license which is $30.


Payment Method We Support

You can pay me on Skrill USD, Send my coinbase email to BTC, LTC, ETH. Tip me on faucethub BTC, ETH, LTC


Contact Us For Buying

Top paying bitcoin PTC sites

Well you heard something about earning through PTC sites. But did you heard about earning bitcoin from PTC websites?

What is PTC sites?

PTC (Paid to click) is an online platform of action that draws online traffic from individuals meaning to acquire cash from home. PTC sites works as a medium among advertisers and members; the promoter pays for showing advertisements on the PTC site, and a piece of this installment goes to the watcher when he sees the notice.

Highest paying bitcoin PTC site

Here is some of my website suggestions in the PTC category. These sites are legit and paying bitcoin to its members.


Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet - Earn Free Bitcoin

Its not just a bitcoin faucet or just a PTC sites. You can get free bitcoin or dogecoin for doing surveys, completing offers. Cointiply has a whole variety of offerwall networks. You can get even $100 for participating on one simple survey.

Register on Cointiply

Earn Free Bitcoin

CoinVille - Earn bitcoin every minute

CoinVille.org is a micro earning bitcoin payment platform. You can earn bitcoin, for watching videos, install mobile apps, take part in online survey, take quiz and so much options to available. This sites also offer both advertiser and members a PTC platform. You can earn $0.005 per 15 sec page visit. There is no minimum withdrawal limit, you can withdraw even 1 satoshi.

CoinVille PTC




One of the most popular bitcoin highest paying PTC sites is adbtc-top.  You can earn bitcoin from their three types of offer like surf, active window and auto surf ads. Registration is required to start earning from adbtc-top. You can directly withdraw to your bitcoin wallet address or you can withdraw in your faucethub wallet address. For faucethub wallet minimum limit is 5000 satoshi. If you want to withdraw your blockchain based bitcoin wallet address, you need the minimum balance of 0.0005 BTC in your adbtctop account.

Join Adbtc-top



It's not just a simple high paying PTC sites. It has so many options to invest and earn bitcoin. Popular methods are same like adbtctop. Such as surf ads, active window ads & auto surf ads. Another nice options here in clixcoin is PTP (paid to promote) options. You can promote your PTP link or referral PTP link to some visitors, and you will be get paid for that visitors too. They also running a PTP contents you can win 1 BTC first prize for getting PTP visits in the contest time. Top 10 PTP users will get their rewards after the contest end. If any user registered using your link you will get referral users too. Clixcoin gives a referral contest too same like PTP contest.

Register Clixcoin


First prize for referral contest is 0.50 BTC. Top 10 members will be rewarded for referral contests also. Another passive income feature here is to invest on the miner pack. You can buy the miner pack from clixcoin you will get back your money with the profit too.

As a example with their silver mining pack, you invest 0.0025 BTC and you will get 0.0001 BTC everyday. You purchased miner pack will be valid for 30 days only. In these 30 days you will be 0.003 BTC. So you will have 0.0005 BTC profit in investing on the bitcoin miner.

Join ClixCoin Now

Biggest airdrop ever in blockchain history

You didn't heard the news yet? Well the news is already spreading in the web. Its buzzing in the air now.

Steller, Lumen or XLM you can name it. Keybase actually doing this, and they will give roughly 2 billion lumen for everyone. Equivalent in USD about 2 billion XLM worth is $128 million USD.

What is steller?

Its a  "path payments" system, where a person can send a token or currency to another, behind the scene its transforming it to a different token in the process.

As a starter, the Stellar Development Foundation just sending 100 million Lumens, worth around $6 million USD, to 300,000 all Keybase users. There are lots of different tokens on Stellar, but Lumens are Stellar's native token, and SDF wants real people of the world to have them.

Keybase will send $21.37 USD worth of Lumens for each active user. All of those Lumens will be delivered by Sept 13th 2019.


There is another promotional XLM give away right now available only for coinbase user. If you don't have an account on coinbase right now you can follow this link to register. Don't worry it will take only a minute.

How to get free coinbase airdrop?

Coinbase offer to its existing and new user to participate their new tutorial programs. All you have to follow the link I am going to give you down below this description. You must follow the link to get 10$ USD of XLM, if you don't follow that link we both don't get any of it. But if you do so we will both rewarded $10 USD worth of Steller.

EOS - 1 invitations left

Steller - 4 invitations left

XLM - 2 invitations left

Each of these link you claim will give you $10 USD worth of these tokens. Coinbase already started their biggest airdrop platform to give all their user to free cryptocurrency as a welcome gift to the blockchain world.

I will keep you posted in this article if I heard more news on this biggest space drop event.

Best paying url shortener lists

I have wrote a previous article about scam URL shortener lists. Here I come up with the reverse article that top URL shorteners that are still paying. I am personally using this network. I will add all the details and if I get payment I will confirm you into this.
Bookmark this page, check this time to time. I will keep updating this post. You will get the latest news about URL shortener lists who is paying and the CPM rates conversion rates, visitors count and available withdrawal options.

Let starts the journey begin.

Best paying URL shortener lists that are still paying

If you see this page helpful to you give us a rating or thumbs up. You can comment your thoughts down bellow.


Coinville.org provide a 6 page view rotator and URL shortener at the end. The status is paying. Its my own shorteners. You can use it freely. 😁 Withdrawals are processed anytime within 1 hour - up to 15 days after requesting.

CPM Rate - $1.5
IP Count - 2 per day
Minimum Withdrawal Limit - $0.10
Withdrawal options - FaucetHub BTC
Status - Paying

Register Coinville.org



Payment is fast to faucethub BTC. High CPM rates and counting is good.

CPM Rate - $1.5+
IP Count - 1 per day
Minimum Withdrawal Limit - $2.0
Withdrawal options - FH BTC
Status - Paying

Register urle


Express Short

A popular shortener service powered by ExpressGroup, designed to give coins for every visit. You can withdraw your earnings into their express crypto micro-wallet or exchanger in BTC. You can then cash out from there.

CPM Rate - $1.0
IP Count - 3 per day
Minimum Withdrawal Limit - $1.0
Withdrawal options - ExpressCrypto BTC
Status - Paying

Register Express Short



One of the most legit & highest paying URL shortener. Minimum CPM rate is $3.5 for 1000 views. You can get up to $35 for only 1000 impression, both desktop and mobile devices.

CPM Rate - $3.5+
IP Count - 1 per day
Minimum Withdrawal Limit - $5.0
Withdrawal options - PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Payeer, Western Union
Status - Paying

Register EXE



BitLinks is a completely legit shortener owned by dogemate / faupto. You can withdraw your earnings once you reach a minimum of 1$. Withdrawals are processed anytime within 1 hour - up to 7 days after requesting.

CPM Rate - $1.2
IP Count - 2 per day
Minimum Withdrawal Limit - $1.0
Withdrawal options - FaucetHub BTC, Skrill, bitcoin
Status - Paying

Register BitLinks


High paying shortener service built on top of adlinkfly site monetizer scripts. Counting only unique views everyday. Fast paying service with 3% fees applicable.

CPM Rate - $2.0
IP Count - 1 per day
Minimum Withdrawal Limit - $2.0
Withdrawal options - FaucetHub BTC - fee 3%
Status - Paying

Register ShortUrl



Its not confirmed how long it will accept publisher to use this short link service. FreeBCC open and close shortener to frequent. But payment is confirmed as always. He will notify the publishers before closing. Nothing to worry! You can withdraw your balance to FreeBCC account and then you can withdraw to FaucetHub.

CPM Rate - $1.5
IP Count - 1 per day
Minimum Withdrawal Limit - $0.10
Withdrawal options - FreeBCC Account, bitcoin
Status - Paying

Register FreeBCC



High paying URL shortener to monetize your blog or websites. CPM rates are variable based on geolocation. On an average if your traffic is from mixed source it can be $2.0+ USD.

CPM Rate - $2.0+
IP Count - 1 per day
Minimum Withdrawal Limit - $3.0
Withdrawal options - PayPal, Bitcoin, Payer & Payoneer
Status - Paying

Register BitURL



Trusted & paying URL shorteners.

CPM Rate - $1.2+
IP Count - 1 per day
Minimum Withdrawal Limit - $0.5
Withdrawal options - PayPal, Bitcoin, FH-BTC, FH-LTC
Status - Paying

Register MozCut



Not a good one for CPM rate but count is good and paying fast.

CPM Rate - $1.0
IP Count - 1 per day
Minimum Withdrawal Limit - $0.5
Withdrawal options - FaucetHub-Bitcoin
Status - Paying

Register EarnCoin

Scam url shortener lists to avoid

I have come to this far, I wish never wanted to write an article about this. But some scammers force me to do this. Because I don't have any other options left. If you are a website owner and using URL shorteners to monetize your blog. Make sure you don't use any of this scam shorteners. If you do you need to stop this right now. Otherwise you will loose money and revenue.

Here is the scam url shortener lists to avoid

I don't want to do that. But I think it will help others to not getting scammed by some thief. Because we give them traffic they earn the advertise revenue and don't paid back to us.


GPlinks - India's most trusted scammers

Highly unlikely they will not provide a valid reason to cancel your withdrawal request. They will send you predefined email template and not pointing the correct reason. If you contact their chat they will say they are the most trusted shorteners in India. But I named them, that most trusted scammers in India.

Is GPlinks legit or scam?
- It's a scam.

Avoid GPlinks


ClicksFly - India's most confused scammers

At the beginning of using this, I have seen lots of faucet owners use this. So I thought it must be legit one. But its not. Its a pure scam. Suddenly they said they don't accept faucet traffic. I make a withdrawal and they cancelled my withdrawal for that reason. But the worst part after that they now saying faucet traffic is allowed. Don't use it its a scam. You will not get anything form it for sure.

Is ClicksFly legit or scam?
- It's a pure scam.

Avoid ClicksFly




They paid once, in the first time. After that they never paid and never replied any email.

Avoid Satolink