Finding Faucet lists without URL shorteners is hard these days. Most of the popular high paying faucets are using URL shortener to monetize their faucet. But Here is my personal favorite faucet lists on 2020, that are still paying high rewards without any URL shorteners.

Best faucetpay faucet lists without URL shortener 2020

Faucet NameTimerCoinRewardsVisit
FreeBits30 MinMulticoin$0.002Visit
HitBits15 MinMulticoin5-15 TokensVisit
Fautsy5 MinBitcoin5-100 satoshiVisit
Starbits6 MinBitcoin6 satoshiVisit
Claimbits6 MinBitcoin6-100 satoshiVisit
Gobits6 MinBitcoin6-100 satoshiVisit
i-bits5 MinBitcoin6 satoshiVisit