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Monetization through popup or popunder is the best way to earn money from websites or blog. This seems annoying to the users if you are using a lot of popunder in one page. Banner ads don’t have much conversion rate, so advertisers are using different method such as popunder to get direct visit.

My suggestion is to only use one or maximum two popup on every single page. Don’t put multiple popunder in every page. Your user will distract from it. I have wrote an article about a year ago with some of the good popup advertiser provider here. Top 10 pop under / popup advertising network you can checkout those too. But here I am reviewing some new monetization provider with the very good CPM rates.

#1 Groupian

Its just a popuder ads network both for publishers and advertisers. The CPM rate is for the publisher is $0.40 fixed. For the advertiser it is $1.0. I have something to let you know that the conversion rate is not 100% for this network. Because user can close the new tab or window before the ads redirect to the advertised sites. So thats case the view won’t counted. But so far its a good network I have found these days. So you might try it out if you want to monetize your blog with popup.

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For Advertiser Overview of Groupian

  1. CPM for advertiser $1.00
  2. Minimum deposit limit is $5.00
  3. Welcome bonus $1.00 for advertiser
  4. Deposit payment mode: PayPal,

For Publisher Overview of Groupian

  1. CPM rate for publisher is $0.40
  2. Minimum withdrawal limit $2.00
  3. Withdrawal options: PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Payeer, PerfectMoney

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