Biggest airdrop ever in blockchain history

You didn’t heard the news yet? Well the news is already spreading in the web. Its buzzing in the air now.

Steller, Lumen or XLM you can name it. Keybase actually doing this, and they will give roughly 2 billion lumen for everyone. Equivalent in USD about 2 billion XLM worth is $128 million USD.

Biggest airdrop ever in blockchain history

What is steller?

Its a  “path payments” system, where a person can send a token or currency to another, behind the scene its transforming it to a different token in the process.

As a starter, the Stellar Development Foundation just sending 100 million Lumens, worth around $6 million USD, to 300,000 all Keybase users. There are lots of different tokens on Stellar, but Lumens are Stellar’s native token, and SDF wants real people of the world to have them.

Keybase will send $21.37 USD worth of Lumens for each active user. All of those Lumens will be delivered by Sept 13th 2019.


There is another promotional XLM give away right now available only for coinbase user. If you don’t have an account on coinbase right now you can follow this link to register. Don’t worry it will take only a minute.

How to get free coinbase airdrop?

Coinbase offer to its existing and new user to participate their new tutorial programs. All you have to follow the link I am going to give you down below this description. You must follow the link to get 10$ USD of XLM, if you don’t follow that link we both don’t get any of it. But if you do so we will both rewarded $10 USD worth of Steller.

EOS – 1 invitations left

Steller – 4 invitations left

XLM – 2 invitations left

Each of these link you claim will give you $10 USD worth of these tokens. Coinbase already started their biggest airdrop platform to give all their user to free cryptocurrency as a welcome gift to the blockchain world.

I will keep you posted in this article if I heard more news on this biggest space drop event.

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