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Monetization through popup or popunder is the best way to earn money from websites or blog. This seems annoying to the users if you are using a lot of popunder in one page. Banner ads don't have much conversion rate, so advertisers are using different method such as popunder to get direct visit.

My suggestion is to only use one or maximum two popup on every single page. Don't put multiple popunder in every page. Your user will distract from it. I have wrote an article about a year ago with some of the good popup advertiser provider here. Top 10 pop under / popup advertising network you can checkout those too. But here I am reviewing some new monetization provider with the very good CPM rates.

#1 Groupian

Its just a popuder ads network both for publishers and advertisers. The CPM rate is for the publisher is $0.40 fixed. For the advertiser it is $1.0. I have something to let you know that the conversion rate is not 100% for this network. Because user can close the new tab or window before the ads redirect to the advertised sites. So thats case the view won't counted. But so far its a good network I have found these days. So you might try it out if you want to monetize your blog with popup.

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For Advertiser Overview of Groupian

  1. CPM for advertiser $1.00
  2. Minimum deposit limit is $5.00
  3. Welcome bonus $1.00 for advertiser
  4. Deposit payment mode: PayPal,

For Publisher Overview of Groupian

  1. CPM rate for publisher is $0.40
  2. Minimum withdrawal limit $2.00
  3. Withdrawal options: PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Payeer, PerfectMoney

Top 10 pop under / popup advertising network

Popup or pop-under is another way to monetize you websites, blog, forums. If you never heard of it before well I am here to let you know what is pop-under? and how can you manage to earn some revenue with it?

First of you most of the ads network works based on multiple factor, it will count impressions, clicks count, unique visitors, click to conversion ratio and so many things. You might not get expected revenue from advertising networks. Well here come the popup system.

How popup/pop-under works?

Basically popup will open another browser window when any visitor comes into your site. It can be triggered automatically or if you visitor click any where in the webpage. So the pop-under window will open and redirects the user to the advertised website they might be interested. If you have a lot of unique user into your site and they don't care about advertisement and never click any of it. Popup will force them to see ads. In that way your site can generate some revenue with popup advertising networks.


Lists of top 10 pop under / popup advertising network

No#1 POPADS - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

  • Average CPM rate for popads is $0.20+
  • Very easy to integrate.
  • Minimum withdrawal limit $5
  • Payment gateway: Payoneer, Paypal




  • Average CPM: $0.30+
  • Multiple ads format
  • Minimum withdrawal limit: $10
  • Payment gateway: Skrill, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Paypal, Ethereum and more




  • Average CPM: $0.30+
  • Multiple ads format
  • Minimum withdrawal limit: $10
  • Payment gateway: Payoneer, Paypal
  • Automated monthly payment
  • Site entry scripts
  • Push notification ads
  • Popup/pop-under ads format



No#4 PropellerAds


  • Average CPM: $0.20+
  • Multiple ads format
  • Minimum withdrawal limit: $20
  • Payment gateway: Skrill, Payoneer
  • Push notification ads
  • Popup/pop-under ads format
  • Video ads format
  • Highest CPM rate
  • Support all countries
  • Instant approval
  • Referral bonus 5%

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No#5 Bitpopunder

Bitpopunder accept crypto currency related websites. This site is maintained by one of the top 10 bitcoin bitraffic advertising network.

  • Average CPM: $0.40+
  • Minimum withdrawal limit: $5
  • Payment gateway: Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Popup/pop-under ads format
  • Highest CPM rate
  • Support all countries
  • Instant approval
  • Referral bonus 10%




  • Minimum withdrawal limit: $75
  • Payment gateway: Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Multiple ads format
  • Highest CPM rate
  • Support all countries
  • Instant approval
  • Referral bonus 7%




  • Minimum withdrawal limit: 0.001 BTC 
  • Payment gateway: Bitcoin
  • Multiple ads format
  • Popup/Banner ads supported
  • Highest CPM rate
  • Support all countries
  • Referral bonus 10%


Thanks for reading this 🙂

Top 10 bitcoin advertising network

Advertising networks are the key to any website when it comes to generating revenue from the site. Some people use content sharing with others as a hobby some do as profession.

There are plenty on options available on the world wide web system. Most popular one is google adsense.

google adsense provide a large variety of ads for you website, blog, forum or any other website.

But here is the other alternative options I am going to tell you, as you might know cryptocurrency popularity is now on the highest pick. So you might consider crypto advertising network this time.

Here I am discussing about top best 10 bitcoin advertising network

This my personal opinion and I am using these networks by my own. So I am not wasting your time to tell stories instead I want to share those amazing networks.

This ads network is different and most unique with its feature. They came up with the idea to run their own TRC-20 token in the tron explorer. The CPM rate is very high and they require ADS(Adshare) token to post advertise also paying ads token to their publishers.

Join Adaround

Anonymous Ads is the vastly accepted crypto based advertising network. Both publisher and advertiser love this network so much because of the name Anonymous says it all. Any advertiser post their ads on that network being anonymous, You can pay with bitcoin here and as a publisher get paid in bitcoin too.

They have 2 withdrawal options you can directly withdraw into you bitcoin wallet address or use the most popular crypto based micro wallet system I will make another article about micro wallet. In withdrawal method you can get daily payment with the smallest amount as satoshis.

Join Anonymous Ads

Yet anther popular bitcoin advertising network by publishers choice because of the high CPM rate. There is plenty ad size available in this network. You can generate your ad place and put it into your website to get some extra buck from your visitors. CoinZilla also provide pop-under ad service too.

Signup to CoinZIlla

When it come to branding your crypto related business, you are  going to give ads on the network available and your money spent on it never give you the expected results. comes to play this role for you and your business. Some ads networks work on CPM, CPC,  but this network work with both and based on CTR so it counts the impression and clicks and give revenue to the site publisher based on their percentage ratio. Your ads will get more meaning with the popular crypto currency based advertising network.

Advertise on bitmedia

Yet another popular advertising and onClick popunder bitcoin advertising network. I am using this by my own. As a publisher you better try this network and for advertiser this is the cheapest and reliable advertising network for the crypto enthusiastic community.

Register Coinverti Now was very popular networks earlier. It was stated the mighty bitcoin ads network. But when the bitcoin price is going up their CPM drops like a lot and becoming less popular these days. It was on top list couple of months back. But for publisher minimum withdrawal limit is too high. It has lots of ad size and functionality and popunder too.

Create Account on

If you are thinking about posting free ads on the crypto network, then mellowads is for you. You can claim from their 24 hour faucets an amount between 500 satoshis to 3000 satoshis in your advertising balance and post free ads with this. For the publisher they require unique website and higher in alexa rank.

Post free ads on mellowads maintained the quality publishers for giving access to monetize their websites. As a result advertiser has more benefit posting their ads on this bitcoin advertising network.


Minimum cost maximum results as stated by them. You can try their ad catalog or the popunder network for advertising your bitcoin based websites.

Advertise on coinmedia

cryptocoinsad is popular for banner, text or popunder advertising format. Its multiple crypto currency support, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and bitcoin cash. They pay very high rewards to the publishers too. :)



I have made this article so far. There is tons of crypto advertising networks out there. You can test others too. But make sure its the good one and does pay to you. Some of the network might scam you, try to get some users feedback before you use any. Thanks.