Earn money by playing game golden farm

Lots of gamers wasting time playing games. They worth nothing just for playing those games, it's just entertainment for them. But would you consider playing simple game actually not doing so much but in return you will get real money for playing game online. Stay with me I will show you how.

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How to play golden farm bitcoin mining game?

Playing golden farm game is simple and easy, you actually have nothing to do, but just doing some click on your browser. It's a web based game you don't need to install anything into your computer or mobile. All you need is just a browser then start playing this game and earn money.

Buy birds with your free silver coins, they will lay eggs for you. At the shop you can buy different birds. Each bird lays special eggs, which can be sold at the market and exchanged for silver coins that are required for the real money withdrawal. Every type of birds has different productivity - the more expensive the bird is, the more eggs it lays. You can buy unlimited amount of birds. Your birds don't die and will always produce eggs!



Earn money by playing game golden farmEggs will be stored automatically in the warehouse, you can collect them anytime. Your precious eggs will not got rotten. It will stay in your warehouse forever until you collect them from the website. From your nests eggs are sent to the warehouse. Collect them and sell. You can do it once in 1 minute. Eggs are always stored in a safe place so you can collect them every minute or even once a month.


money in eggs nestSell eggs and you will get silver coins. Here you can sell eggs and get silver coins which you can swap for real money. Sale rate of eggs: 100 eggs = 1 silver coin.


Invite friends, exchange resources for real money and buy more birds to get more income!

Start Playing and earn money!


Sign Up right now and get a free «Green» bird and 300 silver coins as a welcome gift. Why are you waiting for?

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faucethub.io is closing whats the alternative micro wallet now?

As we all know faucethub.io is closing due to legal issues. Here is the concern for all what to do next if this big micro-wallet is gone. In this post I will share that you should take consider for the alternative in this situation. As faucethub will close on 10th December to its all of the major services. Keep this post to bookmark I will share my thoughts about this.

Lots of people came to create a custodial or non custodial micro wallet after faucet hub is closed. So I have come up with the idea to add the best alternative list in 2020 right now.


FaucetPay Banner alternative micro wallet now after faucethub.io is closing

They really took my attention due to this cause. They have created a very well organized micro wallet. The best part I really like is that they don't have any deposit fees like other micro wallets. You can deposit any amount to your account and you will get exact amount of it. A big thumbs up for the FaucetPay team.

Join FaucetPay Now

List of top features in FaucetPay:

  • Instant exchange
  • Binary trading options
  • Offerwall earning
  • Create faucet
  • Low withdrawal fees.
  • No deposit fees
  • Minimum exchange fees.
  • Play games.
  • Advertise (Banner / PTC)
  • Affiliate commission
  • Merchant API
  • Multiply BTC game
  • Free Faucet Scripts provided
  • WordPress plugin

Lots of faucet owners from faucet hub immediately switched to FaucetPay as its one of the best alternative after faucethub.io is closed.  Almost thousands of faucets already listed in here. More will be added soon I guess. The FaucetPay team continuously developed the platform to make it more interactive for both the users and site owners.

Cryptocurrency listed on FaucetPay:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • DigiByte (DGB)

Best FaucetPay Faucet Lists

Free FaucetPay Scripts available for download

Free FaucetPay WordPress Faucet Plugin Download

Biggest airdrop ever in blockchain history

You didn't heard the news yet? Well the news is already spreading in the web. Its buzzing in the air now.

Steller, Lumen or XLM you can name it. Keybase actually doing this, and they will give roughly 2 billion lumen for everyone. Equivalent in USD about 2 billion XLM worth is $128 million USD.

Biggest airdrop ever in blockchain history

What is steller?

Its a  "path payments" system, where a person can send a token or currency to another, behind the scene its transforming it to a different token in the process.

As a starter, the Stellar Development Foundation just sending 100 million Lumens, worth around $6 million USD, to 300,000 all Keybase users. There are lots of different tokens on Stellar, but Lumens are Stellar's native token, and SDF wants real people of the world to have them.

Keybase will send $21.37 USD worth of Lumens for each active user. All of those Lumens will be delivered by Sept 13th 2019.


There is another promotional XLM give away right now available only for coinbase user. If you don't have an account on coinbase right now you can follow this link to register. Don't worry it will take only a minute.

How to get free coinbase airdrop?

Coinbase offer to its existing and new user to participate their new tutorial programs. All you have to follow the link I am going to give you down below this description. You must follow the link to get 10$ USD of XLM, if you don't follow that link we both don't get any of it. But if you do so we will both rewarded $10 USD worth of Steller.

EOS - 1 invitations left

Steller - 4 invitations left

XLM - 2 invitations left

Each of these link you claim will give you $10 USD worth of these tokens. Coinbase already started their biggest airdrop platform to give all their user to free cryptocurrency as a welcome gift to the blockchain world.

I will keep you posted in this article if I heard more news on this biggest space drop event.

Buy expresscrypto auto faucet scripts

I am selling the best auto faucet scripts @ single license price $50. This template is built with passion and love ❤️. You can see the live demo here: https://coinlyhub.com/expresscrypto

FaucetHub.io version is available here: Best FaucetHub.io auto faucet scripts

Successful owners what he say about us?

Best Script!

You might know that Faucethub ended his service and I was really frustrated with this. I need a quick option for migration to another micro wallet. Going nuts through my search I saw this script and decided to buy it without a second thought.

Honestly, I am glad for choosing this script. It solved my concerns within a day and helped me restart my website without any delays. The script is easy to configure and support is beyond AWESOME! .. I recommend this script to anyone looking forward to make extra money with shorteners and ads. Thank you admin for your works and help :)
Shafay -100count.net

List of features included:

  • ExpressCrypto.io API supported
  • Proxy detection tools enabled (IPHUB+NastyHosts)
  • Configurable timer
  • Support all listed currencies from expresscrypto.io
  • Easy shortlinks rotator scripts integrated
  • Bot detections (Google reCAPTCHA) enabled
  • Referral system supported
  • Good for alexa ranking
  • Full shortlink counts dashboard
  • See the basic details about claim and other system status on the admin panel
  • All claim log reports (user ip, wallet address, browser information) and more.
  • IP address caching supported.
  • Ban by IP address from the admin panel

License policy about this scripts

The license policy for this scripts is pretty straight forward. Listed price are only allows you to install it on a single domain of your site only. You can not use this scripts on multiple domain of your websites. If you want to install it on another domain of yours you have to ask me first and buy another regular license.

**Important notice: Its prohibited you can not have any resell rights to this scripts. You can not even modify this scripts and sell it to anyone or giving it to them for free.

System requirement:

  • PHP version 5.4 or above
  • mySQL version 5.6 or above


Admin panel screenshots:

Details about the admin panel

This is the main admin panel for this auto claim scripts. You can see the basic stats about faucet setup and payouts today.



I have spending about two years of my time in this type of websites & scripts. I know what you will need. You can see every details about your shortener rotators, views and counts. You can check your result day wise. You can calculate and verify the percentage of your actual visit count in any shortener provider with this page.


Buy expresscrypto auto faucet scripts



With the traditional free auto faucet scripts there is lot of things missing. You can track your user activities, ip address browser information wallet address everything in the right place.

Buy expresscrypto auto faucet scripts


This script comes with proxy detection. You can prevent bad ips by providing your iphub API KEY. You can ban any IP address from the admin panel.

Buy expresscrypto auto faucet scripts

Contact to buy this scripts

Contact US

Earn money by using publisher mining platform

Technologies has became more powerful every day. Have you ever heard of publisher mining? Well most of the website owners use advertising banner or popunder ads to monetize their blog. But now you can use your readers to mine cryptocurrency for you.

How does browser mining work?

Some talented people has done a great work to turn any browser into a crypto currency miner. There is plenty of cryptocurrencies and browser miner available right now. Basically its the same process about mining but its run on browser sandbox. This browser mining can be done by a piece of javascript code adde d into your webpage or blog template.


Multifunctional cryptocurrency mining service for website owners or publishers.

What does it mean? How much can you earn?

This depends on your website visitors. Sites with 10-20 daily visitors will not create a reasonable mining hash power. If you can engage your visitors to mine for some bonus or reward even 30-60 users mining couple of hours everyday with 10 hashes/s (low CPU power), it can give you more than hundred dollars every month. You can earn even from mobile users and get almost the same. You can mine from your mobile also and you will get ~15hashes/s. It dries out user's battery like crazy, so be careful.

What you need to know?

Webminepool mine monero(XMR) coin through the browser. The reward is calculated in XMR to BTC conversion rate and paid BTC in faucethub.io wallet address once you reach the minimum withdrawal limit.


How in install it on your website?

At first you need to call the webminepool javascript library in your html head tag. After that you can call the miner by the following code.

<script src="https://webminepool.com/lib/base.js"></script>
    var miner = WMP.Anonymous('<your-site-key>');

I have added the webminepool miner on a specific page on my blog. You can see this page here: Example for a working webminepool miner page just add the js miner code on that page and if you visit this page you will see in the browser console.

ICO launching by facebook libra cryptocurrency

A couple of months ago, Facebook stood out as truly newsworthy when they declared their arrangements for Calibra. Calibra is another backup of Facebook that spotlights on money related administrations. Their objective will spin around the use of another computerized cash, fueled by blockchain, called Libra. Calibra will initially present a computerized wallet and is required to dispatch in 2020. This declaration from Facebook has gotten blended response from both the crypto and predominant press.

Regardless of the split feelings, there is by all accounts an agreement that Facebook can prepare to worldwide selection of blockchain innovation. The purpose for the accord is that Facebook has over 30% of the whole total populace or 2.38 billion individuals as its clients. With respect to the remainder of the populace, it is just down to two key things on why they don't have a Facebook account: no entrance to web association or opportunity of decision.

How about we investigate somewhat further.

How libra works?

At this point you have some idea of Libra. Getting Libra, spend them like dollars without enormous exchange charges or your genuine name appended, sped them out at whatever point you need. Facebook has discharged in excess of hundred pages of documentation on Libra and Calibra, and we've hauled out the most significant actualities. How about we make a plunge.


The future of libra

In the event that the inquiry here is about worldwide "Blockchain" reception, at that point indeed, Facebook is a brand that is broadly known on the planet. The achievement of Libra can turn into the principle driver of blockchain innovation selection in the all inclusive community. Notwithstanding that, their accomplices will be priceless in legitimizing blockchain innovation as an advancement to be received by most, if not all, organizations managing middle people.

That is blockchain innovation, however shouldn't something be said about Bitcoin appropriation? Strikingly, the cost of Bitcoin has taken off from $9,000 to $12,000 since Libra's disclosing. The way of thinking behind Bitcoin is, as I would like to think, unbreakable. Bitcoin isn't upheld with money and government securities like Libra. What gives Bitcoin worth is the trust in its framework. Libra does not speak to the genuine idea of decentralization — the belief system that makes Bitcoin alluring. Could Libra additionally drag Bitcoin into mass appropriation?

Most popular cryptocurrency mining pools

Are you planning to get in the crypto mining business? but not sure about how to start and where to. Well here I am able to help with some of my thoughts on it. I have spent over 2 years in this trying to learn the cryptocurrency and the mining procedure.

You can solo mine any coin if you want to, but the biggest problem with that is to get the block rewards. Solo mining could take years to solve one complete block. If you don't have enough mining hash power then my suggestion to you is to join the popular mining pools. You can share your mining power into the pools with the other miners. Every time a block is found and completed the pool automatically distributed the block rewards based on the current mining block difficulties and your actual hashing power in that pool.


You can join any popular mining pools very easily, most of the mining pools take less fees even 0.5% and have huge user base. So you don't have to wait so long to get profit form your mining rigs. In this article I have share some of the biggest mining pools and its fees, minimum payouts and all the details you need to know.

#1 Minergate

Joining on minergate is easy, anybody could do that. Joining the mining pools and configuring your mining rigs are difficult to do. But for the beginners minergate is the best pool all of the above.

Join the biggest mining pool minergate

You can join minergate in a minute. You can join the button above, fill out signup forms your username, email and password. The best things on this mining pool is you can use the GUI miner from minergate. Its easy to use no configuration required. In my opinion if you don't have the skills to configure your own mining rigs use the app. Minergate provides both desktop and mobile apps on all platform.

List of currencies supported by minergate now in their pool

  • Monero - XMR
  • Grin - GRIN
  • Bitcoin - BTC
  • Ethereum - ETH
  • Litecoin - LTC
  • Ethereum Classic - ETC
  • Bitcoin Gold - BTG
  • Zcash - ZEC
  • Bytecoin - BCN
  • Monero-Classic - MCN
  • Block Producer - EOS
  • TRON Representative - TRX

You can select the rewards method in PPLNS or PPS, You can see about the details in here, about how PPLNS or PPS works. If you want to test any coin then use the pay per share or PPS method, But for the long run and higher rewards you must use the PPLNS. Pay per share fees are 1.5% and PPLNS fees are 1%.

How to withdraw coins from minergate?

From the minergate dashboard you can directly withdraw your fresh baked cryptocurrencies in your freewallet. Another options is you can trade your coin with the most popular crypto trading sites HitBTC or changelly. You can buy any cryptocurrency in changelly with your credit card instantly.


#2 slushpool

If you are thinking about massive level of investment on your mining rigs and make profit out of it fast and secure, slushpool is one of the top leader of all mining pools. Slushpool only supports two coins right now for mining. BTC and ZEC. Now I have seen the current bitcoin mining power in the pool is 6.032Eh/s,  and its growing fast everyday.

How to join slushpool?

Joining to slush pool is easy simple registration process. You have to provide your username, email and password to join their pool. After sign up you need to verify your email address and activate your account.

Signup Slushpool

You can see every details in your slushpool dashboard. You can monitor your every mining rigs or workers and see the status of your rigs.

Minimum withdrawal limit for bitcoin in slush pool is 0.001 BTC, If you withdraw lower than 0.01 BTC then you will have to pay 0.0001 BTC additional fees

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Bither Foundation Free (BTR) Airdrop

In the world of cryptocurrency airdrop is the most coolest way to get some free coin from it. You can get around $15 worth of bither is free. Signup to their account. Verify email activation and every 2 hours you will get upto 25 BTR every 2 hours.


What is BTR (bither)?

Bither is just another ERC-20 smart contract. You can withdraw your BTR in any ERC-20 supported wallet.



How much bither (BTR) worth now?

At the current price 1 ETH = 100 BTR

Top 10 pop under / popup advertising network

Popup or pop-under is another way to monetize you websites, blog, forums. If you never heard of it before well I am here to let you know what is pop-under? and how can you manage to earn some revenue with it?

First of you most of the ads network works based on multiple factor, it will count impressions, clicks count, unique visitors, click to conversion ratio and so many things. You might not get expected revenue from advertising networks. Well here come the popup system.

How popup/pop-under works?

Basically popup will open another browser window when any visitor comes into your site. It can be triggered automatically or if you visitor click any where in the webpage. So the pop-under window will open and redirects the user to the advertised website they might be interested. If you have a lot of unique user into your site and they don't care about advertisement and never click any of it. Popup will force them to see ads. In that way your site can generate some revenue with popup advertising networks.


Lists of top 10 pop under / popup advertising network


PopAds.net - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

  • Average CPM rate for popads is $0.20+
  • Very easy to integrate.
  • Minimum withdrawal limit $5
  • Payment gateway: Payoneer, Paypal





  • Average CPM: $0.30+
  • Multiple ads format
  • Minimum withdrawal limit: $10
  • Payment gateway: Skrill, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Paypal, Ethereum and more




  • Average CPM: $0.30+
  • Multiple ads format
  • Minimum withdrawal limit: $10
  • Payment gateway: Payoneer, Paypal
  • Automated monthly payment
  • Site entry scripts
  • Push notification ads
  • Popup/pop-under ads format



No#4 PropellerAds


  • Average CPM: $0.20+
  • Multiple ads format
  • Minimum withdrawal limit: $20
  • Payment gateway: Skrill, Payoneer
  • Push notification ads
  • Popup/pop-under ads format
  • Video ads format
  • Highest CPM rate
  • Support all countries
  • Instant approval
  • Referral bonus 5%

JOIN PropellerAds


No#5 Bitpopunder

Bitpopunder accept crypto currency related websites. This site is maintained by one of the top 10 bitcoin bitraffic advertising network.

  • Average CPM: $0.40+
  • Minimum withdrawal limit: $5
  • Payment gateway: Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Popup/pop-under ads format
  • Highest CPM rate
  • Support all countries
  • Instant approval
  • Referral bonus 10%




  • Minimum withdrawal limit: $75
  • Payment gateway: Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Multiple ads format
  • Highest CPM rate
  • Support all countries
  • Instant approval
  • Referral bonus 7%




  • Minimum withdrawal limit: 0.001 BTC 
  • Payment gateway: Bitcoin
  • Multiple ads format
  • Popup/Banner ads supported
  • Highest CPM rate
  • Support all countries
  • Referral bonus 10%


Thanks for reading this 🙂

Get free hora token and the crypto idle miner

Want to get free HORA token? Here I can tell how to get some free HORA token very easily by just playing a video game.


So the first question is what is HORA token?

HORA token is a TRC-20 smart contracts in the $TRON network. It is similar as ERC-20 in ethereum network. Hora token is using the same address which is trc-20 supported tron address. TRC-20 is faster and cheap in transaction cost than ERC-20.

 Who created HORA token?

The simple answer is the HORA games. This token is given by HORA games as a in game rewards for playing Crypto Idle Miner. Idle miner is a mining simulator game where you can learn about buying buildings, mining rigs and start mining right away. After mining you can trade the coin and get air drop and so many things to do. The idea behind this is to not using the real mining but give the player a brief idea how this crypto currency world works. It will not use your mobile CPU power to mine any coin.

Play Crypto Idle Miner Now


Crpytoidleminer promo code

You can get free hora token once with these promo code. You can use this in you game promo code section and claim you free hora token.

  1. EG2019 - 500 HORA TOKEN
  3. FH2019 - 500 HORA TOKEN
  4. MT2019 - 500 HORA TOKEN
  5. AJAY - 100 HORA TOKEN

Top 10 bitcoin advertising network

Advertising networks are the key to any website when it comes to generating revenue from the site. Some people use content sharing with others as a hobby some do as profession.

There are plenty on options available on the world wide web system. Most popular one is google adsense.

google adsense provide a large variety of ads for you website, blog, forum or any other website.

But here is the other alternative options I am going to tell you, as you might know cryptocurrency popularity is now on the highest pick. So you might consider crypto advertising network this time.

Here I am discussing about top best 10 bitcoin advertising network

This my personal opinion and I am using these networks by my own. So I am not wasting your time to tell stories instead I want to share those amazing networks.


This ads network is different and most unique with its feature. They came up with the idea to run their own TRC-20 token in the tron explorer. The CPM rate is very high and they require ADS(Adshare) token to post advertise also paying ads token to their publishers.

Join Adaround



Anonymous Ads is the vastly accepted crypto based advertising network. Both publisher and advertiser love this network so much because of the name Anonymous says it all. Any advertiser post their ads on that network being anonymous, You can pay with bitcoin here and as a publisher get paid in bitcoin too.

They have 2 withdrawal options you can directly withdraw into you bitcoin wallet address or use the most popular crypto based micro wallet system FaucetHub.io. I will make another article about micro wallet. In faucethub.io withdrawal method you can get daily payment with the smallest amount as satoshis.

Join Anonymous Ads



Yet anther popular bitcoin advertising network by publishers choice because of the high CPM rate. There is plenty ad size available in this network. You can generate your ad place and put it into your website to get some extra buck from your visitors. CoinZilla also provide pop-under ad service too.

Signup to CoinZIlla


When it come to branding your crypto related business, you are  going to give ads on the network available and your money spent on it never give you the expected results. bitmedia.io comes to play this role for you and your business. Some ads networks work on CPM, CPC,  but this network work with both and based on CTR so it counts the impression and clicks and give revenue to the site publisher based on their percentage ratio. Your ads will get more meaning with the popular crypto currency based advertising network.

Advertise on bitmedia



Yet another popular advertising and onClick popunder bitcoin advertising network. I am using this by my own. As a publisher you better try this network and for advertiser this is the cheapest and reliable advertising network for the crypto enthusiastic community.

Register Coinverti Now



bitcoadz.io was very popular networks earlier. It was stated the mighty bitcoin ads network. But when the bitcoin price is going up their CPM drops like a lot and becoming less popular these days. It was on top list couple of months back. But for publisher minimum withdrawal limit is too high. It has lots of ad size and functionality and popunder too.

Create Account on bitcoadz.io



If you are thinking about posting free ads on the crypto network, then mellowads is for you. You can claim from their 24 hour faucets an amount between 500 satoshis to 3000 satoshis in your advertising balance and post free ads with this. For the publisher they require unique website and higher in alexa rank.

Post free ads on mellowads



bitraffic.com maintained the quality publishers for giving access to monetize their websites. As a result advertiser has more benefit posting their ads on this bitcoin advertising network.

Join bitraffic.com



Minimum cost maximum results as stated by them. You can try their ad catalog or the popunder network for advertising your bitcoin based websites.

Advertise on coinmedia



cryptocoinsad is popular for banner, text or popunder advertising format. Its multiple crypto currency support, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and bitcoin cash. They pay very high rewards to the publishers too. :)

Join cryptocoinsad.com


I have made this article so far. There is tons of crypto advertising networks out there. You can test others too. But make sure its the good one and does pay to you. Some of the network might scam you, try to get some users feedback before you use any. Thanks.