Coinlinks – Private URL Shortener API Scripts

Do you want to host your own shortener API provider? Protect your private links or hidden links from the others with CoinLinks private URL shortener. Most popular way to shorten your link at the moment. Be your own shortener provider with the cheapest rates. Full dashboard with detail analytics to track your links and user flow. Protect your link with CoinLinks by now.

Why Coinlinks?

You can monetize websites with URL shortener, there is plenty of URL shortener available. Some of them are paying and some are pure scam. So if you don’t want to get scammed or personally explore the system you can create your own private shortener API with coinlinks.


You can see the shortener demo in the bottom demo link. Its a 3 page viewer short link API script. First page you can skip it to the next verification page. In the verify page solve the captcha and final page you will get your link. In this demo I have use link. So if you complete all the step then you will get the link.


List of features

  • Responsive Design
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Private Links
  • Detail Analytics
  • Admin Dashboard Panel
  • Complete Settings Panel
  • Easy to customize
  • Multiple Captcha Service
  • Proxy detection tools

Captcha Service & Bot Protection

You can easily use and pick any 4 captcha service for the verification page. We have supported google recaptcha v2 checkbox, Solvemedia, raincapctha and hcaptcha for now. If you want to add custom captcha I can help you with some extra payment.


Proxy Detection & IP Caching

IPHUB proxy API checker is implemented to detect proxy connection. Also nasty host enabled. You can easily enable or disable this feature in the admin settings panel.

Geo Location Tracker

In the admin dashboard you can see the users location where the user comes from.


Purchase Details & License Policy

If you want to buy a single installation license then the price is $30. It means you can install this scripts into your one domain or subdomain. But if you want to setup more in subfolder or subdomain in that same domain name then you will get another additional license for that. Additional license for per installation in that domain is $10. 

But if you want to set up it another new domain then you can not use the scripts. You will have to buy another $30 license for that and if you want to setup multiple there too then same like additional license policy will applied. Like you can buy additional license for about $10.


Let me explain this. Like in this domain  you can use 1 installation buy purchasing $30 license. Then if you want to setup or then you can pay additional $10 for that for per installation.

But if you want to setup it on new domain like then you have to buy another full domain license which is $30.


Payment Method We Support

You can pay me on Skrill USD, Send my coinbase email to BTC, LTC, ETH. Tip me on faucethub BTC, ETH, LTC


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  1. Superb script that is very functional.
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    Buy it without worries

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