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    What I have found on the internet about has been working since December 27, 2017. Parodex Capital Inc. makes profit on logistics, trade and tourism sectors.


    Current investment plans:

    Every plan works for 2 years. You can invest in USD, BTC, LTC, DASH and DOGE right now. There is a minimum of $10 of each contract.


    Free bitcoin income every hour: also have a hourly claim bonus in BTC. You can get from 0.00000025 – 0.02500000 bitcoin every hour. You can join here to get your hourly claim. Join

    Guild System:

    You can even raise your profit more with their guild system. You can create guild or join a any guild and every week first 3 guild members get prize based on their contracts amount.

    1. 20% of their profits
    2. 10% of their profits
    3. 5% of their profits

    I have also created a guild CoinlyHub you can join it here. You have to invest minimum $10 contract in order to be eligible to the guild.

    Your earnings are reflected automatically daily at 9:00 am UTC time on your account.

    About minimum withdrawal on

    • Withdraw requests are send by manually for your security. Generally it is done in 30 minutes. You can cancel requests in this time.
    • Bitcoin has a decentralized structure. Processes are performed directly between users and are irreversible. Please be sure you enter correct BTC address when you entering withdrawal requests.
    • You must activate two factor authentication first for withdraw USD.
    • Minimum withdrawal amount is 1 USD or 0.0005 BTC or 0.01 LTC or 50 DOGE or 0.01 DASH

    Payment proof

    I have recently withdraw some dogecoin to my wallet address, you can see it in the below screenshot. It’s not much return I have invested but its confirmed that its currently paying.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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