Ever wonder where to get free WordPress hosting? Do you want to host your WordPress blog for free? Well the waiting in over now. You can host your first WordPress blog or websites for free on word place.

You can use 500 MB Free Space for WordPress hosting with Unlimited Visitors, you can install Unlimited Plugins and get a Free SSL Certificate.

Word place also provide additional 100 MB free space on inviting each friend. You can get up to 10000 MB free space inviting 100 friends.

All you need is a domain name and enjoy the free WordPress hosting seamlessly. If you don’t have any domain name you can purchase it from there starting at $12.99 per year.

You can purchase domain name from elsewhere too. See this article if you want to purchase your domain name paying bitcoin.

You can join word place using my affiliate link and I will get 100MB bonus space every time. 😊

Get Free WordPress Hosting

How does this platform became free?

 Word place put a promotional Backlink to your free WordPress hosting, thats why it becomes free.

Free WordPress web hosting provide full DNS management from their control panel. You can upgrade your plan to anytime. They accept PayPal and Credit Card payments to upgrade your free web hosting plan to premium.

You will get basic free support for your free WordPress hosting. You can manage everything from the control panel.


How much free WordPress web hosting space can I get from my affiliate?

Each user you bring this platform by your referral link you will get 100 MB free web hosting space. Maximum 100 friends can be referred by your affiliate link. So you can get up to 10 GB free WordPress hosting.


Word place specialized in WordPress web hosting & solutions since 2009. You can instantly setup your free WordPress hosting without waiting. You will have complete control over your free WordPress web hosting. Unlimited plugins can be installed and you can pick any theme you want.

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