Get Free TRON – Generate TRX daily from your wallet!


How to get FREE TRX a day without doing anything ?

The TRON network permits everybody in spite of what balance you have got to vote for Super Representatives and Super Representative Candidates.

The TRON SR (Super Representatives) elections are the simplest way to get additional TRX for simply collaborating. Free TRX are going to be generated on to your address each day.


When does one get Free TRX ?

Once you have got found a candidate that you just like and voted for that candidate you’ll see everyday Free TRX only for your vote(s)

All that is still to try and do for you is sit back and relax and watch your TRX grow in your account, as a bonus you’ll possibly additionally receive free tokens from the SR (Super Representatives) you voted for next to your free TRX.

Can I lose my frozen balance from voting ?

No, you won’t lose your balance or quantity of TRX you accustomed vote for a SR.


What will happens with my vote ?

When you vote for a SR or Candidate you’ll earn TRX a day and you’ll be contributing to the TRON system. Your vote helps the candidates earn rewards that helps them to stay running and/or supporting TRON nodes.

Is there a website to check who offers the foremost TRX reward as SR?

Yes, there’s a Tron TRX voting Rewards calculator. This website can tell you the Free TRX as token rewards offered by every SR and SR Candidate.




Where to begin ?

To take part within the voting system of the TRON Super Representative Elections, and register for Super Representative campaigning, you need to 1st produce a wallet on TRON’s network.

  1. Go to to make your free TRON wallet.
  2. Once you have got arrived to the website, click on the “Open Wallet” tab within the top right corner. it’ll provide you with a drop-down choice to register, choose FILE or produce wallet. Click on “Create Wallet” to start the method.
  3. After you’ve got clicked Create Wallet it’ll prompt you to enter a password. a powerful password is needed to proceed, and for security functions — the stronger the password the higher. make sure do not lose the pass key. Store it somewhere that’s safe just in case you forget.
  4. When you have entered a secure password, the website can permit you to manage additional process. Note: The pass key encrypts your non-public key, it doesn’t act as a seed to come up with your keys. you’ll need this pass key and your non-public keys to unlock your wallet.
  5. After you’ve got created your pass key, you may tend the chance to store your Keystore File. Click the Download Encrypted Key button to save lots of the Key to your pc. Note: If you lose the key, TRON cannot assist you recover it. don’t share this key with anyone as your funds might be taken. create a backup of this key just in case your computer crashes or formatted.
  6. Once you downloaded your Encrypted Key and hit next you may be shown your non-public key, wherever you’ll reserve it as a file on your pc and/or print off a paper copy. Like your Keystore File you download within the last step, TRON cannot assist you recover the key if lost. don’t share the key with anyone and create a backup.
  7. After you’ve got saved your personal key and clicked next you’ll be notified that you simply have completed the set up process of your new TRX wallet. Proceed to your account page by clicking Go To Account Page.
  8. On your account page, you may be ready to see and manage your TRX account. On this page, you may have access to your public key (address) beside your TRX Balance, Tron Power and bandwidth. you furthermore might have the power to freeze your TRX (to offer you Tron Power) in order that you’ll vote for Super Representatives within the SR Election.


Please Note: after you freeze your TRX for Tron Power, it’ll lock your tokens for three days. throughout this time your frozen TRX can not be traded. once this three day period of time passed, you may have full access to trade your TRX coins.

How to vote for Super Representatives and SR Candidates ?

  1. Go to and login to your account.
  2. Be sure that your TRON balance has a minimum of 1 TRX. You can use your public wallet address to send tron to your wallet. Your balance are going to be shown within the right red letter box.
  3. To vote for an excellent Representative, you’ll have to be compelled to ensure that your TRX is frozen. this may produce Tron Power and provides you power to vote. This doesn’t value you TRX, it’ll solely lock them for a amount of three days. throughout these 3 days, your TRX can not be traded. solely once are you able to unfreeze the tokens and trade as you usually would. Click the Freeze button to freeze the tokens and build the Tron Power.
  4. Enter in what number TRX tokens you’d wish to freeze. you want to ensure that you simply perceive that the TRX tokens are frozen for a minimum of three days. Click Freeze Balance to proceed.
  5. You will be notified that how many of your tokens are frozen.
  6. In the Tron Power menu, you can freeze a lot of tokens, unfreeze ones locked up, and make vote for Super Representative. Click on this link for voting page.
  7. On the Tron Voting page, you may see the display that shows the time till future round of voting, total votes and therefore the team with the foremost ranks gained. Click the red box that claims Click Here to begin Voting to start the selection method.
  8. Select the Super Representative Candidate that you simply would love to vote for. to make votes to the current SR, click the green (plus )+ button to give your votes. you’ll be able to add as several or as very little as you wish. Press the red  ( minus )—  button to get rid of votes.
  9. Once you have got entered as several votes as you’d like for the SR Candidate, click the green Submit Votes button.
  10. You will be notified that your vote was sumbitted. Note: Your votes are move into impact once following voting cycle starts. you’ll spread your votes any time you wish before future voting cycle.

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