I have come to this far, I wish never wanted to write an article about this. But some scammers force me to do this. Because I don’t have any other options left. If you are a website owner and using URL shorteners to monetize your blog. Make sure you don’t use any of this scam shorteners. If you do you need to stop this right now. Otherwise you will loose money and revenue.

By the way you can find the legit URL shortener lists form here

Here is the scam url shortener lists to avoid

I don’t want to do that. But I think it will help others to not getting scammed by some thief. Because we give them traffic they earn the advertise revenue and don’t paid back to us.

Scam url shortener lists to avoid

GPlinks – India’s most trusted scammers

Highly unlikely they will not provide a valid reason to cancel your withdrawal request. They will send you predefined email template and not pointing the correct reason. If you contact their chat they will say they are the most trusted shorteners in India. But I named them, that most trusted scammers in India.

Is GPlinks legit or scam?
It’s a scam.

Avoid GPlinks


ClicksFly – India’s most confused scammers

At the beginning of using this, I have seen lots of faucet owners use this. So I thought it must be legit one. But its not. Its a pure scam. Suddenly they said they don’t accept faucet traffic. I make a withdrawal and they cancelled my withdrawal for that reason. But the worst part after that they now saying faucet traffic is allowed. Don’t use it its a scam. You will not get anything form it for sure.

Is ClicksFly legit or scam?
It’s a pure scam.

Avoid ClicksFly




They paid once, in the first time. After that they never paid and never replied any email.

Avoid Satolink

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