Well you heard something about earning through PTC sites. But did you heard about earning bitcoin from PTC websites?

What is PTC sites?

PTC (Paid to click) is an online platform of action that draws online traffic from individuals meaning to acquire cash from home. PTC sites works as a medium among advertisers and members; the promoter pays for showing advertisements on the PTC site, and a piece of this installment goes to the watcher when he sees the notice.

Highest paying bitcoin PTC site

Here is some of my website suggestions in the PTC category. These sites are legit and paying bitcoin to its members.


Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet – Earn Free Bitcoin

Its not just a bitcoin faucet or just a PTC sites. You can get free bitcoin or dogecoin for doing surveys, completing offers. Cointiply has a whole variety of offerwall networks. You can get even $100 for participating on one simple survey.

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Earn Free Bitcoin

CoinVille – Earn bitcoin every minute

CoinVille.org is a micro earning bitcoin payment platform. You can earn bitcoin, for watching videos, install mobile apps, take part in online survey, take quiz and so much options to available. This sites also offer both advertiser and members a PTC platform. You can earn $0.005 per 15 sec page visit. There is no minimum withdrawal limit, you can withdraw even 1 satoshi.

CoinVille PTC




One of the most popular bitcoin highest paying PTC sites is adbtc-top.  You can earn bitcoin from their three types of offer like surf, active window and auto surf ads. Registration is required to start earning from adbtc-top. You can directly withdraw to your bitcoin wallet address or you can withdraw in your faucethub wallet address. For faucethub wallet minimum limit is 5000 satoshi. If you want to withdraw your blockchain based bitcoin wallet address, you need the minimum balance of 0.0005 BTC in your adbtctop account.

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It’s not just a simple high paying PTC sites. It has so many options to invest and earn bitcoin. Popular methods are same like adbtctop. Such as surf ads, active window ads & auto surf ads. Another nice options here in clixcoin is PTP (paid to promote) options. You can promote your PTP link or referral PTP link to some visitors, and you will be get paid for that visitors too. They also running a PTP contents you can win 1 BTC first prize for getting PTP visits in the contest time. Top 10 PTP users will get their rewards after the contest end. If any user registered using your link you will get referral users too. Clixcoin gives a referral contest too same like PTP contest.

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First prize for referral contest is 0.50 BTC. Top 10 members will be rewarded for referral contests also. Another passive income feature here is to invest on the miner pack. You can buy the miner pack from clixcoin you will get back your money with the profit too.

As a example with their silver mining pack, you invest 0.0025 BTC and you will get 0.0001 BTC everyday. You purchased miner pack will be valid for 30 days only. In these 30 days you will be 0.003 BTC. So you will have 0.0005 BTC profit in investing on the bitcoin miner.

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